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Collab is a Fabrication Lab and Innovation Studio in New York City that provides space and shared resources to creative entrepreneurs. Collab is known for its vibrant community of 21st century creatives with skill sets that cross a wide range of disciplines --from Architects to Engineers to Design Technologists -- who work on their own endeavors and then collectively on much larger projects, collaborating to bring ambitious experiential work from their imaginations to life.

Collab is a resilient community with deep ties in technology, hardware, robotics, innovation and the maker community. In building this community, Collab has been able to generate millions in revenue for itself and its members by creating products and installations for our corporate clients, while at the same time, successfully helping to launch more than 10 companies with a combined valuation in excess of $200 million. Over the past 7 years, Collab, along with the companies it has helped launch have created more than 250 new jobs.


Unlike traditional co-working spaces, Collab was created to give innovators and creative entrepreneurs the tools, equipment and space to concretize their ideas without the limitations caused by lack of access to prototyping and digital fabrication equipment. The idea is by sharing resources within a curated community, a brain trust would naturally developed. Individual endeavors would be built. Collectively, near unlimited opportunities to build larger projects would become possible (see examples of our collective work below).

Collab is accepting applications for membership from individuals, startups and organizations from interdisciplinary pursuits. Individuals are provided a permanent desk. Organizations, private studios. Members contribute each month to pay for the operating expenses of the collaborative. Members are encouraged to invite clients to the space, grow their endeavors and thrive. Members have the ability to reserve the space for events, large classes and special functions. The lab and its equipment, supplies, common area and studio spaces are accessible 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


In addition to the 5,500 square foot space, Members share a fully equipped Festool wood shop, a 60W Epilog Laser Cutter, formlabs 3D Printer, HP 60 Inch Wide Format printer, a Juki sewing studio with industrial sewing machines, multimedia conference room with Apple TV, kitchen with espresso and coffee, large center workspace with work and lunch tables, printers, super fast wifi, and more. The founders of Collab orchestrate and animate the space with its own programming and initiatives in support of its members and the more than 3,000 annual visitors.







Flux Pavillion

Makr Shakr